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New Machining Monitoring solution with Kistler

Monitoring of the process forces is one of the keys to ensure stable machining operations that can manufacture components within tolerances. Moreover, these solutions enable customers to move towards autonomous machining and thereby decrease total machining cost.
Thanks to close cooperation with Kistler Group, we are happy to announce that our coming machines will be equipped with machine and process monitoring solutions based on piezo technology. Due to high natural frequency of the piezo sensors, we can detect not only the process forces but also high dynamic changes during chip formation. By integrating flexible piezo sensors such as Kistler piezo strain sensor: 9232 and transferring the signal to our machines through industrial charge amplifier 5074 from Kistler, we will control the process directly in the NC without complex software.
Our CEO, Marcus Caldana adds "We know that especially profile accuracy is a direct function of certain cutting forces. By measuring cutting forces in our tool wear monitoring system, we are also taking an important step towards profile accuracy control through intelligent programing".
In a development project, special tool clamping housings are developed where piezo sensors are integrated. By the help of these sensors, cutting forces can be measured in a very accurate way. The measured forces are used as reference to develop/verify different sensor strategies.
In below image, the radial force on the cutting tool causes an axial force on the Capto house front where the front has integrated force sensors. It can be clearly seen that not only the sudden tool failures, but also the progress of certain tool wear can be measured with forces and thus actions can be taken immediately.