Minganti Global
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Self-Loading System

  • Integrated automatic loading/unloading system > No need of external loading device
  • Quick loading/unloading
  • Flexibility > Zero resetting of loading system
  • High accuracy part handling

In case of collision, the air-bag system protects both the gripper and the workpiece.

Optimized structure

No foundations needed > No costs for industrial construction

Chip evacuation through the center of the spindle

Chips are evacuated from the part through a hole inside the spindle.


  • Belt-driven spindles with hydrostatic bushing and chip evacuation through the center
  • Electrospindles
  • Megatorque spindles
  • Hydrostatic spindles

Siemens linear motors on all axes


  • Extreme precision
  • Highest speed and acceleration
  • Maintenance is extremely reduced
  • The absence of ball screws and bearings avoids wearing and backlash or mechanical play
  • EXCEPTIONAL THERMAL STABILITY thanks to cooling of linear motors, keeping the machine temperature controlled
Linear guideways Schneeberger/THK
  • Ball or roller solutions
  • Combination of stiffness and smoothness
Heidenhain glass scales
  • Micrometric resolution for extreme position control
Siemens Control System
  • Possibility to control and supervise machine remotely
Renishaw for "in-process" part measuring
  • Semi finish cuts with automatic measurement and tool compensation.
  • First part in tolerance after tool change or resetting.
  • 100% control of critical tolerances and automatic tool compensation.
  • Trends in component size variation can be monitored without external equipment.
Renishaw for tool presetting
  • Tooltip measurement after toolchange
  • Tool data stored by Balluff system
Automatic tool changer
  • Sister tooling
  • Possibility of tool presetting to reduce downtime
  • Machine can be tooled up for a variety of components
  • Extended periods of unmanned machining.
Monitoring of process media
  • Control of power, coolant and compressed air consumption
High pressure coolant 400 bar
  • Excellent chip breaking and removal from machining area
  • Increased tool life
  • Significant decrease of temperature
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Better surface
Linear Tooling, Turret, Driven Turret


Milling and Drilling Solutions
Easy maintaned and long time intervals
  • No maintenance required in the first 2 years, except greasing of guides and replacement of filters
  • Use of the highest quality components
Energy efficiency
  • High Energy Efficiency due to the extremely high performance of the motors without kinematic motion
  • Minimum hydraulics and compressed air
  • Reduction of energy consumption by over 40%